Plan Ahead!

Posted by @ on Feb 14th 2018

Plan Ahead!

We deal with a lot of Businesses, Big & Small. Sure it is easy to tell, which is which by the size of their order sometimes. The thing that we see that make a big difference in the success of these businesses is PLANNING. For example, if you are a small business and perhaps are exhibiting your products at a show. You plan on showing, lets say 50 items that require 50 Bottles and say 50 Droppers. Lets further say that your show is in 2 weeks. Then you place your order, a week before the show. You also order the exact amount you need for the show or to fulfill an order. Sound like you have done everything right?

No. You have just demonstrated Bad Planning. You are depending on everything being perfect in the world. You are not accounting for Shipping Delays, Fulfillment issues and Breakage. These things happen despite our best efforts. Yes, we try to have every order delivered quickly and safely. It does not always happen, This is reality. Don't let your customers face this reality. Order extra, order early. This way you can provide your customers with the items they need and you can enjoy the profit you need as we. We may be a small company too, but we do not order just what we need to fulfill the orders, we order enough to stay in business. Also be aware that paying for quicker shipping only cuts into your profits, unless you... Order Extra, Order Early!