10 ML Amber Roll-on Bottle w/ Roller Ball, Insert & Black Cap

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Product Overview

  • amber Glass
  • Roll-On Bottle
  • 10ML (approx. 1/3 oz.)
  • Plastic Roller Assembly Included
  • Black Cap Included
  • 82 cm high w/cap/ 70 cm w/o cap or roller assembly
  • 19 cm wide

It is great for storing essential oils, perfumes, lip gloss, remedies and other liquids that need to spread on in a thin layer. We offer a variety of glass bottles in many sizes suitable for many applications. They are available with Droppers or Caps. Besides to sourcing in bulk, many of our bottles are kept in stock and are available for immediate delivery from one of our conveniently located warehouses. To inquire about availability, pricing and minimum order quantities, or to obtain a quote please contact us directly.