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Snow Storm #4

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When we first wrote about our Shipping being delayed, it was 3 weeks ago. As soon as we got caught up from 1, another one took aim at us. We are a small company with a small staff, we do not use a fulfillment center, so orders are not processed 24 hours a day. If UPS cannot make it into our Loading Dock, we cannot ship. We have turned off our expedited shipping options as a result. We do not want you paying more for shipping we can not ship. We will ship all your orders asap. If there are any questions, please contact us, and we can update you on the status of your order. Be aware that if we are closed, so is our Customer Service Hotline. The best way to contact us is via e-mail (sales@up-bottles.com) if you cannot contact us vi phone.

Nor'easter may delay shipping.

We are getting hit with yet another major storm in the Northeast. This may delay some of our shipments. We are sorry for any delays that your order may incur. We will ship out the orders ASAP!

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Plan Ahead!

We deal with a lot of Businesses, Big & Small. Sure it is easy to tell, which is which by the size of their order sometimes. The thing that we see that make a big difference in the success of these businesses is PLANNING. For example, if you are a small business and perhaps are [...]

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Droppers are on the way!

We have been out of Droppers on the key 1 ounce size for awhile now. We are receiving a large shipment within the next 10 days that will put us back in the Dropper business. We will have CRC, Regular, Calibrated and more in White & Black. We will get them online ASAP. Stay tuned [...]

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Lower UPS Rates on Shipping!

We know, we know... Our shipping rates are too high. We do not set the rates, UPS does. Due to our ever increasing orders, UPS has seen fit to give us a lower rate! More than just a little lower too! We are a new and growing company and we do not have all the [...]

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Shipping during the Holidays.

Yes, Shipping is an issue after Thanksgiving. With a limited amount of shipping days, we have just so many days to ship an order. While an order may seem like it is taking weeks to be fulfilled, we have only had days to ship them out. We apologize for the delays and are working as [...]

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Black Friday

We take Black Friday seriously. So we are running a serious Black Friday Sale. Not just Black Friday, but the whole week before and the weekend after too. We have taken 15% off our most popular bottles and put them in a new sale section on our website. Click here to start saving now!

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30 ML, 1 Ounce Glass Amber are back in stock!

The title says it all. We have finally received our shipment of Glass Amber Boston Rounds in the popular 1 Ounce size. All back orders start shipping Thursday 11/16! We are sorry for the delay, but we were at the mercy of the Freight Company. We have plenty of them now and we will try to [...]

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Bottle Necks at UPC!

We are going to go over some Bottle Basics. They come in many sizes, colors and styles and it can be confusing. Let's start at the top, the top of the Bottle, that is...Neck Finishes: The Neck Finish is the top of the bottle, where the cap goes on. There are different sizes. The size [...]

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Spooktacular Sale!

We have a Spooktacular Sale going on this weekend! From now until November 1st use code SPOOKY10 to take 10% OFF EVERYTHING ON OUR WEBSITE! Save on Spooky Black Bottles, which are perfect for Magic Potions! You can also save on all of our Jars that have a 1001 uses in your Lab. Save on [...]

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  • Snow Storm #4

    When we first wrote about our Shipping being delayed, it was 3 weeks ago. As …

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