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Bottles 101

On this page, we are going to go over some Bottle Basics. They come in many sizes, colors and styles and it can be confusing.

Neck Finishes: 

The Neck Finish is the top of the bottle, where the cap goes on. There are different sizes. The size is indicated by two numbers. I.E. 18-400, 22-400... The first number refers to the cap diameter (in millimeters). The second number refers to the height and thread configuration of the closure or finish.

Neck Finish Styles:

Their are 2 kinds of Bottles Neck Finish. Euro and Boston Round. These terms refer to the shape of Lip or Bead. The bead is where the Cap screws down to. 

  • eurobead2.jpg
    Euro Bottles have a Flat Angled Lip/Bead. They ALL have the same size Neck Finish, 18-400. As long as a cap, sprayer has an 18-400 finish it will fit any size Euro Bottle. Droppers have a different Pipette Length. Closures for Euro Bottles will not fit a Boston Round Bottle.
  • bostonbead.jpg
    Boston Rounds have a Rounded Lip/Bead. That is where they get their name from, besides the great city of Boston's contribution. Caps, Droppers, Sprayers and closures meant for a Euro Bottle will not fit on a Boston Round and Vice Versa. Please be aware of this when ordering. Boston Rounds come in many sizes.

    Here are some of the common sizes...

    18-400 (Droppers for Euros and Bostons have a different Pipette length)


Droppers supply a small amount of liquid via a rubber bulb that creates a suction when squeezed to draw a small amount of liquid into a Glass or Plastic tube, known as the Pipette. They come in many Neck Finish sizes like Boston Rounds. There are 2 styles of Droppers...

  • Regular Droppers
    These droppers simply screw on and off to the top of the bottle.

  • Child Resistant Certified (CRC)
    These droppers require a Push Down and Turn action to open or close. They have been Certified to be safe for Children yet easy enough for Seniors.



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